November 2017

Protect Our Wooden Hanger


Do you want wooden hanger can be long-lived? It is particularly important to know how to protect our wooden hanger when we use them to hang our clothes up in the closet. Following are some introductions of protection. Firstly, don’t put too heavy clothes on the hanger, otherwise the hanger will deform. The weight capacity [...]

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September 2017

How to Use Hanger in Raining Day


How to use hanger to dry clothes in raining day? This is a question needs to be deeply considered for the hangers are always destroyed in the rainy day. Firstly, we should store those remainder hangers we don’t often use. In rainy day, our clothes are hard to get dry, which need much time to [...]

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May 2017

Hanger As A Good Helper For Your Closet


Many of you have a tanglesome closet, right? I think you are finding ways to make your clothes storage to become an organized one. After all this years you are maintaining and protecting your valuable garments in good quality. You are using variety of clothes organizers just to put them in order and to make [...]

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