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August 2016

Choosing Children’s Clothes Hangers


When we choose the hangers for clothes we will not pay much attention to the children’s hangers. In fact the proper hangers for the children are very important. They can display the children’s clothes well. So, here are some tips for you to choose a suitable hanger for your children. Firstly, there are many kinds [...]

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Hanging Skill of Clothes with Hangers


You have put your sweater hanging in the closet for months.Now, you want to wear them for the cold weather. However, you notice that your sweater become loose. What will you do? Throw it out? You will not get struck in this, if you know the right method to store clothes with hangers. Sweaters Sweaters easily [...]

Hanging Skill of Clothes with Hangers2016-12-08T06:57:07+00:00

The Magic of Hanger Accessories


In hanger industry, hanger pegs are not just clips but clips combined with iron wire. Generally, clothespin refers to a slice of clips, while a hanger peg refers to a set of clips used in pant hangers and underwear hangers. Hanger pegs have a variety of types. When classified by the material, hanger pegs can [...]

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Do You Know the Maintenance Method of Wooden Hanger


Wooden hanger is practical and has a longer service life among all kinds of hangers. Wood is widely used in our daily life, as a biological organism and a kind of green natural products. Wooden hangers have many different materials, such as beech, lotus wood, rubber wood, ash tree, pine, weed tree, etc. If you cannot take good care [...]

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July 2016

The Contrast Among Wooden Cloth Hangers


Nowadays, the selection of the wooden material for a hanger tends to diversity, which meets the needs of different display effect and at the same time rationally utilize the natural features of all kinds of wood in the greatest degree, so as to realize the use of material reasonably and reach the purpose of optimizing [...]

The Contrast Among Wooden Cloth Hangers2016-11-24T02:04:38+00:00

How to Make the Metal Hanger


As we all know that hanger plays a very important role in our daily life although it is common. But I suppose that many people do not know how to make a metal hanger. Today I would like talk about how to make a metal hanger. Comparing with the processes of making the wooden hanger, [...]

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