How to Arrange Your Canton Fair Booth

As the canton fair is coming, the layout of the company in this canton fair can be an essential factor to make deeper impression on the customers. Therefore, it is necessary to know the basic knowledge of how to design the layout and how to decorate the stand.

In order to make deeper impression on others, the stand of your company should have these characteristics:
1.Harmonious. The layout can consist of color, tables, light, and exhibits and so on. The light should play the role of foiling products. Uses dark light inside the hall, and uses the project-light lamp to light the products, so that visitors’ eyes were drawn to the product. The color of the booth should have the effect of highlighting products and product style. The good designer considers all these factors and takes advantages of them, so that the fair can be successful.

2.Concise. It means that the layout of your stand should be concise but distinct. If the layout is complicated,  the consumers will be difficult to get more information in a short time. What’s more, the company should display the typical goods instead of putting too much goods. Putting more valuable goods in a limited space is the best choose.

3.Having a theme. Showing the information about the products directly. Maybe the company can use the light or the pictures to distinguish the most important goods that it wants to show for consumers.

4.Personnel arrangement. The company should have a specific personnel arrangement to make sure that the fair can go smoothly. The effective worker can help the company win good popularity.

5.Cost. Designing carefully, do not change the project usually.

Betterall will take all these factors into consideration make sure that this fair can be successful and make great impression on others. Our company’s stand is 14.3E35-38 for household articles. We have our special design and responsible workers and thus can make sure that you will enjoy yourself in the canton fair. We are looking forward to your visits.